Get The Word Out On Your Business With Social Media

Importance Of Social Media Marketing Your Business


The Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

Many business owners are skeptical about the benefit of social media for business.

However, with the explosion of social media in the last few years, that attitude has changed.

Social Media Is Good For Business

There are few marketing experts who would not recommend including social media as part of a business’s marketing strategy.

Americans use social media. According to Media Post, 72 percent of adults in the United States with internet access are on social media sites. social network

And, 37 percent of the social media users, according to an eMarketer study, use social media to research products, services, and brands before making purchases.

As a business owner, you may be wondering if your business can benefit from using social media.

Many small business owners believe social media marketing only works for big corporations. Is it really worth the time and effort to build a social media presence?

The short answer is that there are many benefits for small businesses on social media.

There are many benefits for businesses of all sizes. You can take advantage of these eight benefits by adding social media to your marketing plan.

1. Social Media Will Reduce Your Marketing Costs

You can use social media networks to get your brand in front of fans and customers. There is no charge to send a tweet on Twitter, pin a photo on Pinterest or promote a coupon on Facebook.

This makes social media a cost-effective marketing solution since there is no cost other than the time spent making the post.

If you want to invest money in your social media success, there are many affordable advertising solutions on these channels. You can target potential customers by demographics, interests or keywords.

With the highly targeted parameters offered by many social media networks, you can get the biggest bang for your bucks.

2. Social Media Can Have An Impact On Organic Search Results

In order to impact your website’s ranking in the search engines, you must create optimized, compelling content.

However, just placing great content on your site will not improve your site’s position in the search engines.

When you share this content with an interested audience on social media, you’ll get visitors to your site.

They may like or share your content on their own social media accounts or link to it from their own websites or blogs. Google and Bing keep an eye on social signals and use this data to determine how to rate your web pages in their search results.

3. You Can Offer Customer Service With Social Media

Social media offers a great opportunity to connect with customers. You can use a social network for customer concerns, questions, or comments.

If you use Facebook or Twitter for customer service and your customer is on the same platform, they can communicate directly with you. You can answer their question in a public format which allows other customers or potential customers to see the quality of your customer service team.Social networking concept

It is estimated that 71 percent of consumers who receive a quick customer services response via social media are more likely to recommend the business or brand to others.

4. You Can Design Your Own Online Personality

Social media is like a cocktail party, not a business meeting. If you want to be successful you need to be sociable and behave more like a person, than a corporate robot.

Social media is one way to display your business’ personality. You can also show behind the scene information about you, your work space, your business, and your employees.

This can help in humanizing your brand and making it easier for consumers to connect. This can help in developing brand loyalty.

5. Social Media Lets You Connect With Other Businesses

You can use social media platforms to connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners.

You can connect with anyone from new distributors to potential strategic business partners. With social media, you can have an actual conversation with real people who may be geographically and socially inaccessible.

6. Customers Can Validate Your Business

By using social media for customer service, you allow customers to communicate directly with you and your team.

When this occurs, these conversations are conducted in a public forum and seen by potential customers.

When a customer leaves a positive comment or sings your praises to others, it can help to boost your business’ online reputation. This also increases the chance that someone will consider using your business the next time they are in need of the product or service you provide.web 2.0 social media

7. You Can Provide Value

You can use social media to provide your target market with a valuable service by positioning yourself as an expert in your industry.

You can share  entertaining and educational posts, blogs or tweets. By helping your customer solve problems or providing them with useful information, you can add value that your customers will appreciate.

8. Social Media Lets You Achieve a Competitive Advantage

The true benefit of social media is that you are able to gain an advantage over your competition. You can do this by connecting to your current and potential customers using organic marketing.

If you use social media correctly you can boost your search engine ranking, craft a compelling online personality, provide better customer service, build connections, connect with business partners and earn work of mouth marketing from you brand advocates while getting a leg up on your competition.