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Staying Relevant in 2016: What You Need To Know About Content Marking Trends

It’s hard to believe that it is already the year 2016. Time seems to be flying by, and content marketing trends are moving quickly as well. If you want to stay relevant in 2016, it is important to understand how things are changing. In order to look forward, it is sometimes important to take a look at past trends to help understand the way that the future will shape up. Therefore, the information that follows will examine some of the content marketing predictions for 2015, as well as their results.

1. Audio-visual techniques are a success!  

Audio-visual content exploded in 2015. That is only expected to continue, as advances are being made with virtual reality that will make your head spin. We’ve gotten used to accessing various applications on a daily basis or pulling up a YouTube video to learn a skill or check out a ride at an amusement park. However, can you picture looking at a video and being able to spin it around completely? That’s coming, and as a result, content marketing needs to be ready for it. Visual content is key; many people would rather jump into a virtual reality experience than read an article on the same topic, for example.

2. Native advertising marches on.

One of the predictions for 2015 was that native advertising would expand exponentially. That prediction was absolutely correct. People want to be entertained. To that end, they will not look as highly on companies that are simply trying to get them to buy from them without giving anything back. Consumers are hungry for meaningful messages! There is no reason to expect that this will change in 2016, either. Therefore, it is important to leave behind antiquated ideas of advertising and to get in line with the times.

3. The focus on quality becomes more important.    

Gone are the times when quantity was the only thing that mattered. There is now a focus on quality that will continue well into 2016 and beyond. Search engine optimization techniques are a perfect example of this. When it comes to your content, you need to focus on its relevance, reliability and value. These things are becoming more important. There are multiple ways for people to get information, so you have to do something better than your competitors. The best way to stand out is by giving them content that means something.

4. Social media is important.

Social media only continues to grow. These platforms are “places” where people find out information, connect with other people and find entertainment. Social media is not necessarily a reliable source, but it is a part of many people’s daily life. As a result, it is crucial to make sure your company has a presence on these sites. If you don’t have one already, set that as your goal for 2016. When used correctly, social media can help your business to grow and get stronger.

5. Mobile optimization moves to the forefront.   

Mobile optimization really wasn’t a topic of conversation in 2015. It was around, however, and now it is important to take notice of it. Google released an update that changed things quite a bit. Mobile usability is calculated into rankings, which means that more people are making sure that their information can be utilized on portable devices. For 2016, make sure you know about mobile optimization and are taking steps to incorporate it, if you have not already.

This list is not comprehensive. The points mentioned here are important, but we will have to revisit the list in order to add more of the essential pieces to the content marketing puzzle for 2016. Do you have anything to add to the conversation? Is there a trend that you think will pop up this year? Communicate with us and tell us about it. And, to be sure that you are paying attention to the trends, check out our webtexttool for help!